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Our Beginnings

Weightys® was developed out of the frustration of seeing the flag tangled around the flag pole or blown on top of a roof. Our product is for every homeowner or business owner who is looking for the solution to a tangled flag.  

After a year of experimentation, our company knows it has the best solution to eliminate the problem of your flag tangling. The most important thing to us, is to have a product that is unnoticeable and is in no way harmful to the flag. We value flag etiquette and seek to respect and honor it, whether that be your country's flag or your favorite sports team. 


Weightys® will always be American sourced and manufactured. We will always give a portion of our proceeds to Veterans causes. This country would not be here without their sacrifices and we seek to honor them. If you are a veteran - we thank you.

We thank you not only for flying your flag but for flying your flag well. 

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